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Grand theft auto is the more common term for motor vehicle theft. Generally, “grand theft” is distinguished from “petty theft” based on the monetary value of the stolen item. However, because vehicles are usually worth more than the maximum established value for petty theft, this type of theft is almost always considered a felony, rather than a misdemeanor, especially if it is not a first offense. Facing grand theft auto charges can be overwhelming, especially when one considers the potential legal penalties that are associated with a conviction.

What the Prosecution Has to Prove

When you are facing grand theft auto charges, you are innocent until proven guilty, as is the case with any criminal charge. This means that the burden of proof rests on the prosecution and the prosecuting attorney needs to prove several things, including:

  • That the defendant took or drove a vehicle
  • That the vehicle belonged to another person and was taken without their consent
  • That the defendant meant to permanently prevent the owner of the vehicle from reclaiming the vehicle

These things must be proven in order to convict a person of grand theft auto. Without this proof, then the charges you are facing might be dropped or reduced. Even if charges are not completely dropped, however, your attorney might still be able to help you get a reduced sentence, which can dramatically reduce your jail time or the fines you have to pay.

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