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Because of the ramifications identity theft can have on the life of the person’s whose identity is stolen, it is a crime that is taken extremely seriously and can be punished severely, depending on the circumstances. The Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act defines identity theft as any “unauthorized use or possession of personal identifying information,” especially without the consent of the person whose information is accessed. Unfortunately, because of how loosely this is defined, a person can easily find themselves charged with identity theft.

Potential Penalties

If a person is convicted of any form of identity theft, he or she may be facing severe legal penalties that have the potential to dramatically alter his or her life. The penalties that a person will face if convicted of identity theft largely depend on the type of identity theft, which include:

  • The fraudulent use or possession of identifying information
  • Unauthorized acquisition or transfer of certain financial information

While the possession of financial information is a Class B misdemeanor and the transfer of financial information a Class A misdemeanor, the fraudulent use or possession of identifying information is always a felony. The class of felony a person will be charged with if convicted will depend on how many pieces of identifying information a person had.

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