Lewisville Weapons Possession Lawyers

At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville weapons possession attorneys realize that Texas law does not create a significant barrier to firearm ownership through excessive registration and licensing laws which burden private citizens with providing identification and proof of education. However, despite having some of the most lenient weapon possession laws in the country, Texas residents must still adhere to a number of restrictions and regulations, many of which are federal requirements.

If you are facing weapon possession charges of any kind, it is essential that you take swift action to defend your rights and interests in court. With the assistance of a skilled Lewisville weapons possession lawyers from Alexander & Associates, you will have the experienced legal representation necessary to form an effective and efficient defense. To learn more about your rights and legal options, call us today at (972) 420-6560.

Restrictions on Weapons Possession

There are very few restrictions placed on the legal acquisition and possession of firearms by law abiding citizens in Texas, but the possession of such weapons by certain individuals and in certain situations can be prohibited. At Alexander & Associates, we can help you if you have been accused of any of the following weapons-related crimes:

  • Violation of a concealed handgun license
  • Carrying a concealed weapon in a restricted location, such as an airport
  • Unlawfully discharging a weapon
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Illegal sale of a firearm

Additionally, any individual who chooses to carry a concealed handgun must be properly licensed to do so. Individuals found to be carrying a concealed handgun without the proper licensing can be charged with, at the very least, a Class A misdemeanor.

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