Denton Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are few things more frightening than learning that criminal charges will, or are likely to, be filed against you. Though some charges may carry penalties that are more serious than others, the fact is that any criminal conviction can adversely affect your personal and professional lives. That being said, you will need to take every available precaution to protect yourself from any of the serious consequences associated with a conviction.

At Alexander & Associates, our Denton criminal defense attorneys understand just how much can be at stake in any criminal case, and we are dedicated to aggressively defending you throughout the legal process. The two most important things that you can do right now are to exercise your right to silence and to retain the counsel of an experienced criminal attorney in Denton.

Why You Need Alexander & Associates to Represent You

One of the most worrisome and daunting experiences a person can feel is that of having criminal charges filed against them. For innocent parties, they may find this outrageous or wholly unfair, as criminal charges may derail your professional career and make life at home much more difficult. It should come as no surprise when we at Alexander & Associates suggest you take every available measure necessary to avoid a conviction and the detrimental tolls such a conviction may take on you and your family’s life. Representation can be the difference in how a case is judged, and more often than not, those who reject representation find themselves facing consequences they don’t deserve.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Alexander & Associates know better than anyone just how severe criminal allegations can be, and we make every effort to suppress these allegations before they take a toll on our clients’ lives. Our firm is consistently a top performer, winning awards in the Denton area among others, and proudly serving our clients and securing them the justice they deserve for the last decade. We take our work very seriously and strive to attain exactly what our clients want. We proudly display our testimonials on this website and encourage visitors to see the kind of service we’ve provided to past clients, and wish to provide to you.

Defending against Criminal Charges in Denton

Our legal team in Denton possesses the experience and the resources to develop a comprehensive defense against any criminal offense you have been accused of committing, including but not limited to the following:

  • Domestic Abuse: All cases related to violence or abuse from one party to another in a domestic setting, be it in a marriage or cohabitation environment
  • Theft and Robbery: These cases range from those involving first-hand interaction and force, or just cases of low-profile theft
  • Juvenile Crimes: Crimes by those who are minors are handled differently, and require a different approach than cases for adults
  • Sex Crimes: Cases involving sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or any assault involving a sexual motive
  • Homicide/Murder: This is often seen as one of the worst charges you could be faced with, which is why it’s crucial you choose an attorney who is up to the task of defending you
  • Assault: Assault is a broad term with many varying degrees and modifiers, so having a well-versed attorney is vital
  • Drug Crimes: Drug crimes can vary greatly in their scope and severity, but the Alexander & Associates team is equipped to handle them all, ranging from felony to misdemeanor drug crimes
  • DWI/DUI: Driving under the influence is a crime anywhere in the US, but representation can be key in analyzing your case and presenting your case as favorably as possible
  • Weapons Possession: With open carry laws in Texas, these crimes can be very confusing and contrived, in many cases; you need an attorney who understands the complexity of these charges to represent you

Though criminal allegations carry with them the possibility of serious penalties, you will still have the opportunity to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to develop an aggressive defense against the charges that have been brought against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re facing charges that have life-altering consequences if you’re convicted, it’s important to have your questions answered immediately. To get you started, we’ve provided a few common questions we receive about criminal defense. Unfortunately, most cases are extremely unique, and it’s unlikely you’ll find the answers to all of your questions here. Please contact us at (972) 420-6560 with further questions or to set up a consultation.

What’s the difference between being charged with a federal or state crime?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of crime: federal and state. Most federal crimes will be clearly decided as such, including IRS violations, drug or human trafficking, counterfeiting, immigration violations, and nearly any crime associated with the United States Postal Service. Most other types of crimes, those that violate state laws such as traffic violations, assault, or murder, will be considered state crimes. There are a few ways to elevate a state crime to the status of a federal crime: if it’s not clear whether the crime broke specifically federal or state laws, prosecution will usually charge it as a federal crime; if the crime happened in several states or on federal property, it will become a federal crime; lastly, if the person accused is of great importance or threat, then the crime may be tried as a federal violation. One of the main differences between federal and state crimes is the courts they are tried in—there are both federal and state courts. If convicted, there are also federal and state prisons as well as federal and state sentencing guidelines; the status of your crime will determine what consequences a guilty party could face, and what type of prison they will go to.

How much does it cost to hire Alexander & Associates?

This is a question better answered during your consultation, which is completely free. We’ll discuss how much our retainer is, and an hourly fee past that. We offer the free consultation so we can discuss these matters based on your specific situation, how many hours of work we expect your case to take, and other factors. Call us at (972) 420-6560 to set up this appointment.

If I’m guilty and plan on pleading guilty, should I still hire an attorney?

Yes, it’s of great importance that you are fully and passionately represented regardless of how you plan to plead or whether or not you’re actually guilty. To begin, don’t say anything to law enforcement or the other party before you’ve spoken to a lawyer yourself. If you are guilty, it’s still important that you receive representation so that you may not be punished past the extent of the law. Our job, as defense attorneys, is to ensure that the justice system is even treating guilty parties judiciously. Furthermore, even if you are guilty, a well-versed and experienced attorney could help to lower the consequences you’d be facing otherwise. We fully believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and it’s our job to ensure that someone is on your side of the court helping you to avoid consequences you don’t deserve.

Consult with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denton

If you or someone you know has been accused of a criminal offense, you should reach out to a Denton criminal defense attorney at Alexander & Associates immediately. Before working in criminal defense, Karen Alexander worked as a criminal prosecutor for the Denton County DA’s office, giving her insight into how cases like yours are likely to be prosecuted. As such, she can help you develop an effective legal strategy to defend your rights and protect your future. Do not take chances with your defense or your freedoms; call us today at (972) 420-6560.