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Adoption can lead to a lifetime of happiness for the parents and the adopted child. While adoption agencies take pains to ensure that the adoption process is clear, the overwhelming amount of information and events in the process can often make it confusing and frustrating for the adoptive parents. The Denton area adoption attorneys of Alexander & Associates are here to help you through your adoption process and on your way to raising a happy and healthy child. Please call the Denton adoption attorneys of Alexander & Associates at (972) 420-6560 for an initial consultation to discuss your adoption case.

Why do I need an adoption lawyer?

Adoption is a complex process. From the decision to begin the adoption to the post-adoption paperwork and evaluations, an adoption can be stressful and intimidating. A qualified Denton adoption lawyer can guide you through each step of the process, helping you to understand the legal implications of some of the decisions and ensuring that the process proceeds smoothly. An adoption lawyer can also help you in your interaction with the adoption agency. The agency will conduct a series of home studies during the adoption process to determine that you, the adoptive parents, are financially and emotionally fit to adopt and raise a child. They can help you more effectively communicate with the agency’s caseworker(s) and help you to understand the criteria for adoption at each step.

With such a long and drawn-out process, things can easily become tied up, lost, or discarded in the system, which causes added stress to the prospective parents. A qualified adoption lawyer will be able to help you avoid these pitfalls and help you achieve your goal of welcoming a child into your family to raise.

How can Alexander & Associates help with our adoption?

Alexander & Associates is strongly committed to the practice of family law, and has the skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively handle your adoption case. Karen Alexander is a former public prosecutor with a great deal of experience in Texas’ courts and with Texas state law. She is deeply involved in the Denton community, has won numerous accolades at the city and county level, and maintains an “Excellent” rating on the legal services website Avvo.

Alexander & Associates promises to treat your case and needs in the adoption process as unique. No adoption case is like any other, and with our smaller staff and more limited caseload, we will be able to give your case the attention that it deserves, ensuring a smooth adoption process that helps you achieve your ultimate goal of raising a child.

Adoption Overview

Alexander & Associates can help you each step of the way through the adoption process, helping to explain what is needed at each step and making sure that you can meet all qualifications. Below is an overview of the typical adoption process in Texas.

Meeting Adoption Qualifications

Texas has a few basic qualifications for you and your spouse for adopting a child. These include but are not limited to:

  • You and your spouse must be at least 21 years of age
  • You and your spouse must demonstrate financial stability
  • You must share a large amount of background information with a caseworker
  • A caseworker will visit your house in one or more home studies
  • You must provide character references, proof of marriage, criminal background checks, and financial history to the caseworker

Choosing the Type of Adoption

There are many different kinds of adoption. Your lawyer can help you evaluate your family circumstances to choose the type of adoption that will work best for you and your family. Some choices you will have to make include:

  • Domestic or international? You can choose to adopt a baby from within your own state, from another state, or even from another country. International adoptions often require additional procedures, and certain countries do not allow those from the United States to adopt in that country.
  • Private or agency? Adoption agencies can help facilitate your adoption process. However, if you have a birth mother already in mind, you may be able to forego the adoption agency and conduct a private adoption with the help of a lawyer.
  • Open or closed? Open adoptions allow for various amounts of communication between the birth parents and the adopted child. Parents who are more flexible and do not mind contact with the child’s birth parents may consider this option. On the other hand, closed adoptions do not allow communication between the adopted child and the birth parents. Parents who wish to have a clean slate for their child and prefer the anonymity that comes with a lack of contact often choose closed adoptions.

There are pros and cons of every kind of adoption, so talk to your lawyer about which kind of adoption is right for your family.

Completing Adoption Home Studies

One or more home studies are required as part of the adoption process. A caseworker will spend time with you and your family and work to ensure that your household is fit to raise an adopted child. Adoption agencies usually include this as part of their services, and the process usually is as follows:

  • A caseworker will visit your house and talk to you and your spouse about your backgrounds and lifestyle, as well as your personal strengths and motivations for raising an adopted child.
  • The agency will conduct a criminal background check of you and your spouse. This is usually performed in the state from which you are adopting the child. For example, if you are living in Texas and the child you wish to adopt lives in California, the criminal background check is performed in California.
  • The caseworker will collect financial and medical background information.

A lawyer can help prepare you for your home study to ensure you put your best foot forward.

Finalizing the Adoption

Once the adopted child and adoptive parents are matched, a number of steps occur to finalize the adoption:

  • An agency caseworker conducts a number of post-placement visits for a state-mandated length of time.
  • You will complete post-adoption paperwork.
  • The adoption will be finalized once the child is settled into the home and the post-placement visits are conducted.
  • An open or closed adoption typically sets the guidelines for contact between the adopted child and adoptive parents.

A lawyer can ensure that your adoption is finalized smoothly so that you can focus on caring for your new child.

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The Denton area adoption attorneys of Alexander & Associates bring their focus on family law and years of experience with adoption cases to the table with every adoption case. We can help you through this process and smooth over the bumps that may lie along the way, from your initial decision to adopt all the way through the post-adoption evaluations. We can help you achieve your goal of becoming loving parents to a child.

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