Denton Child Support Lawyers

If you are trying to arrange for child support, Alexander & Associates can help. Dealing with family law issues that affect every member of your family is not easy. Cases can be emotional and the decisions can have huge effects on you and your loved ones. If you have just been through a divorce or a custody dispute and find that you also need to ask for child support from the other parent of your child, you need the help of knowledgeable and experienced family law attorneys who can advocate to protect your rights and interests.

Child support is a court-ordered payment, typically made by a divorced parent that does not have custody of a child. In order to help the parent with custody of the child, they are ordered to pay a certain amount of money. It is in your child’s best interest to have child support from both parents, not just from the parent that has physical custody of them. Child support makes it less likely that the child will have to do without important things like diapers or food because of financial struggles. It is not fair for you to have all of the financial responsibility. Get a knowledgeable Denton child support lawyer to help you get the money your child needs. Contact us online, or call (972) 420-6560.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Child support can mean the difference between having one job and having a relationship with your child, or having to spend all your time at multiple jobs just to make ends meet, leaving no time for a relationship with your child. The other parent may want to avoid giving up a portion of their earnings, so you need a lawyer that can advocate for you. We can help you communicate why you need that money to help raise your child and why the other parent should have to pay a portion of their income.

Child support cases can go on for a long time as the parties try to negotiate and go through the court procedure. In a high-stress, emotional situations it is difficult to remain objective and rational. This can make it harder to voice what you want, and it is frustrating to have to deal with the other parent that is most likely not wanting to pay child support. Because it is such a long process and it can have such a great impact on your life, it is important that you have professionals to help you get the monetary help you need to raise your child. Do not try to represent yourself when it comes to such an important aspect of your life. You need an experienced child support lawyer to handle your case.

Why Choose Us

The lawyers at Alexander & Associates have been devoted to helping clients and their families resolve family law issues for over 20 years. We have been advocating for the rights of our clients and we understand emotional and difficult it is. The lawyers at our office are skilled and effective while still being compassionate to our clients. We can provide you and your family with the personal attention you deserve during this difficult time and ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

Cases We Handle

An unmarried parent or a dependent spouse can ask for child support to get monetary help raising a child until that child is 18 years old or graduates from high school. Sometimes, the child support will end early or extend beyond the age of 18 – a lawyer can help you determine if these exceptions apply to your family. Child support can be necessary in many situations including:

  • Recently divorced or separated parents
  • Two parents who were never married but are not together anymore
  • Joint-custody parents where the child spends more time living with one parent rather than the other

Usually, the non-custodial parent has to pay the parent who has sole or primary physical custody of the child. The parent who does not have the responsibility of housing the child will have to give a set amount of money in order to help the other parent. The amount that you will get for child support is calculated using a percentage of the other parent’s net monthly income. Courts can also take into consideration the income of both parents, as well as each parent’s earning potential, along with the amount of time the child will spend living with each parent. This is not easy to calculate. Courts will need to look at pay stubs, expenses, and other financial aspects.

When you have an experienced lawyer that knows how to handle child support cases, these calculations will be much easier and you will get a better outcome. The child support lawyers at Alexander & Associates have negotiated and disputed countless child support cases, and they can handle yours efficiently and effectively.

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If you are going through a family law dispute and you need child support, get the help of the Denton divorce lawyers at Alexander & Associates to get the best possible result in your case. Call us at (972) 420-6560 to start making progress on your case, and to learn more about what the dedicated lawyers can do for you and your family. It is easy to take the first step. Contact us by phone, email, or online chat. Tell us about your case, and let us evaluate it and start working to get you what you need. Our dedicated child support lawyers are waiting to fight for you and your family.