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Our lawyers at Alexander & Associates understand that all of the different legal aspects involved in a divorce or family law case can come with strong emotions or conflict. When children are involved, the complexities of legal proceedings increase tenfold and tensions often arise among all parties. A paternity action can become complicated and stressful, but Alexander & Associates is dedicated to making the process as quick and worry-free for you as possible during this time.

Our compassionate and experienced Denton paternity action lawyers will work with you to establish paternity and resolve the complicated legal action that results so that you do not have to go through this process alone. We’re here to fight for your legal rights with your best interests in mind. If you are entering a divorce and wish to take paternal action, including child support, visitation, and custody, contact Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560 to explore your legal options with our lawyers.

Do I Need A Paternity Action Lawyer?

Divorce and family law cases are complicated for two major reasons: the legal process can become quite long and technical, especially when children are involved. And due to the adversary nature of these cases, there is often a huge component of emotional stress making the legal proceedings seem long and daunting. Securing an experienced lawyer to serve your interests in a paternity action case is the smartest way to navigate your paternity action case. You can rely on Alexander & Associates to represent your needs and fight for your rights during difficult legal proceedings.

Why Choose Alexander & Associates To Handle My Case?

Divorce cases can come with a wide variety of emotions like stress and worry, resentment, sadness, and even revenge or hatred. Our lawyers at Alexander & Associates have been serving Denton for years and we have earned the trust of our community because of our compassionate work and individual care for our clients. We are proud to give our individual attention to each of our clients. Every case is different, and we are here to make sure that your case is specifically represented based on your needs. We take the time to fully understand your legal rights and what you want out of the case during this difficult time.

We have been awarded the best divorce firm in Denton County and received recognition from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys for our successful case record. These awards reflect our client satisfaction, which we hold in higher esteem than any other kind of recognition. Our priority to provide our clients with an easier divorce process, and we work hard to make legal proceedings easier on all parties.

More about Paternity Actions in Texas

Many paternity action cases are sought by unwed parents, but paternity can also be an important aspect in divorce proceedings. When there is a question or dispute regarding who a child’s father is, a paternity action case will establish the legal relationship between a child and father. Once that relationship is established, the father becomes legally entitled to parental rights and responsibility, which includes custody and child support.

How is paternity established?

With children born to married couples, Texas law presumes that the man married to the mother of a child is his or her father. A birth certificate with mother and father’s name on it is not necessarily legally binding, though. Both parents must sign an “Acknowledgement of Paternity” for the father to have legal responsibilities to the child. Paternity action cases arise when paternity is disputed or not already legally established.

In paternity action cases, either a mother or probable father can request genetic DNA testing, which is an accurate and helpful tool in settling paternity disputes quickly. Establishing this biological connection between parent and child does not always require time in court, but sometimes the legal actions required after paternity is established can become complicated or emotionally charged. The paternal responsibilities can be resolved in mediations or in court. Either way, the attorneys at Alexander & Associates are here to represent your rights and interests at every step of the legal proceedings in a paternity action case.

Why are paternity action cases important?

Texas courts cannot discriminate against a parent in a paternity case based on the parent’s gender. If an unmarried father is paying child support but cannot see his child, a case like this can help the father establish a legal connection to his child and enforce visitation or change custody if that is deemed best for the child.

How do paternity action cases arise?

There are many different situations that can lead to a question of paternity that requires legal action. Some scenarios include:

  • A man contesting his identity as a child’s father
  • A mother seeking child support from a man who she claims is the father
  • A father seeking to establish paternity to enforce visitation rights or custody
  • A husband believing he is not the father of his wife’s child
  • A child seeking paternal acknowledgment, financial support, or the identity of the father
  • A governmental agency enforcing child support payments from a father
  • A lawyer in any of these scenarios will help you prepare for unexpected outcomes and guide you towards the best solution for all parties.

What happens after paternity is established?

Paternity is usually established to define the legal rights and responsibility between a father and child. There are many resulting factors of paternity action cases like changing to partial or full custody, establishing child support payments, enforcing retroactive child support payments, or actions to terminate parental rights. With any of these outcomes, the Denton divorce lawyers at Alexander & Associates are here to guide you to an amicable solution that works best for all parties involved. paternal

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