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At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville alimony attorneys know that separating from a spouse is difficult under any circumstances, even when the split is amicable. One reason for this is the many financial decisions that a couple must make during the divorce process. This can become further complicated when one spouse earns more than the other and has been supporting the other spouse throughout the marriage. In such a situation, alimony will most often be paid to the spouse with the lower income, causing both parties to likely be concerned about the payments they either have to make or will need to receive in order to sustain their lifestyle.

Whether you need help establishing spousal support, changing previously made alimony decisions, or you need assistance with any other alimony-related matter, the Lewisville alimony attorneys at Alexander & Associates have both the experience and knowledge to guide you in this legal matter. Call (972) 420-6560 to speak with a skilled member of our legal team about your divorce and alimony needs.

The Specifics of Alimony

Alimony comes in many forms and can constantly change depending on the circumstances of the parties involved. As such, our lawyers have devoted themselves to understanding the many intricacies of alimony in Texas and are prepared to help you with legal concerns involving the following:

Making or receiving alimony payments can have a drastic effect on your life, and our legal team understands that. It is for this reason that we work diligently to give you the best chance at getting the alimony agreement that is best for you and your family.

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At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville alimony lawyers know that divorce and alimony can be extremely complicated under any circumstances and that every situation is unique. Thus, we dedicate ourselves to supporting our clients in seeking the alimony they need, whether it’s getting payments they are owed, decreasing the payments they make, or other related actions. Call us at (972) 420-6560 to discuss how we may be able to help you work towards getting the alimony agreement you want and need.