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Alimony is often paid during or after a divorce to spouses who have less income or financial stability than the other. Most often, alimony payments are established early in divorce proceedings, but as time passes, it is actually quite common for one or both ex-spouses circumstances to change, causing the alimony payments to change as well. Whether one spouse needs less support or the paying spouse has less funds or a greater need for their own funds, alimony payments may be decreased.

If you are facing sudden or unexpected decreasing alimony or want to have your payments decreased, doing so can be frustrating and difficult, especially due to the many legalities. In such a situation, you should consider speaking with an alimony lawyer from Alexander & Associates at (972) 420-6560 about what legal options are available to you and how to approach the changes to your alimony payments that you are facing or want.

Reasons for Alimony Decrease

Alimony payments could decrease for a number of reasons, but such decreases often involve a change in the financial circumstances of one or the other spouse from the divorce. Alimony may decrease due to:

  • Decreased income of paying spouse
  • Increased income of receiving spouse
  • Remarriage of receiving spouse
  • Lessened financial need of receiving spouse
  • Fatality / serious illness
  • Job changes
  • Changes in needs of children

These and certain other situations could lead to a decreased alimony payment. Whether you are looking to establish a decreased payment or want to fight against one, taking legal action may be the best option to pursue.

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Your alimony payments might decrease without much warning, and whether you are paying or receiving alimony payments, it’s important that you know how to anticipate such changes. The qualified alimony attorneys of Alexander & Associates are well-prepared to discuss your divorce situation with you and to help you decide on a strategy for negotiating alimony payments that are not damaging to you. Contact us today at (972) 420-6560 to talk about your alimony situation.