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Alimony payments are made to spouses who need financial support of some kind and duration after a divorce. While the amount of these payments is generally set during divorce negotiations, that amount can actually change over time, sometimes increasing, depending on the needs and situation of either person.

Alimony payments can have a significant impact on both the payee and payer, something which our legal team understands greatly. To make sure that your rights and interests are fully and fairly represented both during and after your divorce, contact an experienced alimony attorney of Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560. We know how important receiving the alimony that you need can be and how much making these payments can affect you; thus, we are prepared to provide you with the legal support you need when facing or needing increased alimony payments.

Reasons Alimony Might Increase

Alimony payments, like other terms of a divorce settlement, have the potential to change over time, and might even increase. Whether you are the receiving or paying spouse, it’s important to know that alimony might increase for any of the following reasons:

  • One spouse remarries someone else
  • Paying spouse decreases income
  • Receiving spouse increases income
  • Job loss
  • Financial need increases for receiving spouse
  • Other miscellaneous reasons

Because everyone’s financial circumstances are different, it’s hard to say exactly what might happen to one’s alimony payments, whether being paid or received. However, having an experienced legal representative at your side can be a good way to ensure that you are never taken advantage of when changes to alimony are being made.

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