3 Restraining Order Provisions That Can Protect You and Your Family

There is nothing more terrifying than being abused, stalked, or threatened; it puts you in a constant state of fear for yours and your loved one’s lives. For many people, it is almost impossible to get out of these abusive and oppressive situations. Abusers are practiced manipulators and use a number of psychological, emotional, and violent tactics to keep victims under their control. There is help and hope for those currently suffering in violent and abusive situations. You can find safety by involving the police and courts in your situation. They will find ways to protect you and bring your abuser to justice. One of these protections is a restraining order, which automatically gives your abuser consequences if they go near you or contact you. A few common restraining order provisions are listed below.

  1. Stay-away provisions: this term in restraining orders serves to keep abusers away from victims, whether they’re at their place of work, home, or school. These provisions may also contain a specific distance that the abuser must keep from the victim. This provision can allow victims and their families to feel safer and go about their lives without fear of being stalked or hurt. There are legal repercussions for abusers who break this provision of a restraining order.
  2. No-contact provisions: victims may additionally opt to have a cease contact provision put into their restraining order, which orders their abuser to immediately stop all forms of contact with them, including phone, text, email, and mail. This can allow victims to move on from their abusers without being harassed from a distance.
  3. Cease-abuse provisions: this clause orders the abuser to stop hurting and threatening the victim immediately. This is huge for keeping victims safe and can help to see abuse come to a stop. This can apply to various forms of abuse, not just physical, and can stop any further pain.

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