4 Divorce Myths That Aren’t Necessarily True

There are many things to consider when looking into a divorce. Is it the right time? What do you have to lose? At Alexander & Associates we know it can be a difficult decision for anyone in Denton to make; however, for some it is the right choice.

When it comes to pursuing divorce, it is important to understand your rights and interests, not to mention essential facts about divorce. As such, in order to ensure that you can tell the difference between fact and myth regarding divorce, here are four myths that aren’t necessarily true when it comes to divorce:

Myth #1: Half of all marriages end in divorce.

Fact: The divorce rate has been decreasing at a steady rate since the 1980’s. This also includes people that divorce multiple times, which drives the rate up.

Myth #2: Divorce is very expensive.

Fact: The more you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree on, the cheaper the divorce can be. As long as the two parties agree and compromise on certain issues, you won’t need to head to court to resolve every disagreement. This can lower the cost significantly. If you cannot agree, the next affordable step is mediation.

Myth #3: The mother is almost always granted custody of the children.

Fact: This is a case-by-case basis. If the judge determines that both parents are fit to raise the child, then they will likely be granted shared custody. Additionally, in some circumstances, a father may be deemed the better parent for the child, giving him custody. Thus, you should not feel like you will lose your children simply because you are a man.

Myth #4: It is usually men who initiate divorce proceedings.

Fact: Statistics show that two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women.

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