6 Signs Your Spouse Could Be Cheating

Having the feeling that your spouse is not acting normally can be attributed to a number of things; however, many people believe that it could be due to an affair. This can be an unsettling and upsetting concern, especially if it lasts over time and you are still uncertain about your spouse’s monogamy. While talking with your spouse is often the best option for determining what is going on in your relationship, this is not always the case, causing people to look for certain signs to confirm their suspicions.

Dealing with an affair is very difficult, and while some people work to move past it, others feel as if this is not an option or choose not to. Our attorneys at Alexander & Associates know that this decision is hard for couples in Denton to make, but want any that choose to pursue divorce as a result to know that there is support available.

6 Signs to Look For

There are several key signs that one can look for in a spouse’s behavior that might suggest that he or she is having an affair. For instance, the following are common signs of adulterous behavior:

  • Taking phone calls privately / acting secretively
  • Not being honest about whereabouts
  • Caring more about their physical appearance than usual
  • Not being at home for long periods of time
  • Not being physically intimate / avoiding eye contact
  • Decreased emotional connection / intimacy

All of these signs could suggest that a spouse is not being faithful in a marriage.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Denton

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