Child Custody and Relocation

Solving the issue of child custody after divorce is a difficult process and when one parent wishes to relocate, further complications can arise, leaving the remaining spouse with limited visitation or custody rights. Oftentimes, in order to encourage the involvement of both parents in the child’s upbringing, state courts do not allow parents to relocate. However, if the courts do approve a relocation request, the transition can be hard on both parents and the child. The Lewisville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates are here to help parents stay in close contact with their children or get the relocation rights to which they may be entitled.

Factors to Consider When Relocating

If you are a parent with sole or joint custody and you are looking to relocate, there are a few factors are typically considered before you are approved for relocation. These factors typically include:

  • Notice of relocation
  • Geographic relocation restriction by the state courts
  • Possible trial for parental consent to relocate
  • The reason for relocation

Though some states are more stringent on child custody and relocation rights than others, the help of an attorney can help you manage your situation efficiently. A Lewisville attorney at Alexander & Associates is available to discuss your situation in more depth.

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