Child Custody on Special Days

A divorce affects everyone in the family differently. For a child, it likely means splitting time between parents. Child custody is often one of the most complicated aspects of divorce, as it is important to ensure that the child receives a stable upbringing while maintaining a relationship with both parents. It may become contentious when parents disagree about the best living situation for the child.

The attorneys at Alexander & Associates understand that many factors that influence child custody arrangements after a divorce. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting the interests of clients going through divorce, including representation during the construction of child custody agreements.

Custody Arrangements for Certain Days

Once physical custody has been established, custody on other important days of the year must be considered. The following list of events throughout the year will likely be divided between parents and is often influenced by work schedules and other factors:

  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Important life events

These events are important times to spend with family, and parents will likely want custody of their child or children during these times. Finding the correct balance of work and family is important to the maintenance of a healthy family life for children after a divorce.

Contact a Lewisville Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

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