Common Divorce Mediation Techniques

Sometimes the typical paths to filing for divorce, such as contested or uncontested divorce, do not work or are not best for a couple. As such, divorce mediation is a popular alternative to the regular avenues of obtaining a divorce. There are several benefits to divorce mediation, but the most commonly cited is that mediation often helps mitigate disagreements between separating spouses. In most cases, a mediator will use a variety of strategies to address the concerns of both people involved in the divorce, which can help avoid arguments.

Several Techniques

There are many different types of divorce mediation techniques that might be utilized by a mediator in order to address any number of different divorce situations. Some common mediation techniques involve the following:

  • Fairly evaluating the claims of each spouse involved
  • Objectively representing each spouse’s concerns and wants to the other
  • Helping spouses draw up potential divorce settlement plans
  • Maintaining a healthy physical separation between spouses, while maintaining conversational access

Completing a divorce can be difficult when you and a spouse are unable to agree on certain issues; this is why a mediator can be beneficial for you and your spouse. By using many strategies, including the above, a divorce mediator might be able to speed up the divorce process while ensuring that you get the divorce agreement that you want or need.

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