Common Issues with Open Adoption

The process of adopting a child is exciting and challenging at the same time. Choosing an open adoption can be even more difficult on the parents looking to adopt a child, due to the additional people involved in the process. For example, the pregnant woman choosing open adoption has the choice in who the parents of her child will be and if she can have future visitation with the child. Open adoption comes with a number of other processes that can make legal issues more likely to occur.

Legal Issues

There are four common legal issues associated with open adoption. A family lawyer can help you navigate through the following:

  1. Relinquishment: Relinquishment gives the biological mother the right to back out of the adoption process up until the official paperwork is signed by both parties. This legality can be extremely stressful for would-be parents as they must wait weeks or months for the biological mother to make her decision.
  2. Reclamation: Occasionally, a birth mother will try to fight for the child to return back to her custody. Due to this, it is important to ensure that the proper legal documents are in place during the adoption process to prevent such a scenario from becoming a possibility.
  3. Future involvement: During the adoption process, the adoptive parents agree to the amount of contact the biological family can have with the child. If the biological parent begins to pose a threat to the child’s well-being, adoptive parents may have to take legal action to have the visitation rights reevaluated.
  4. Future changes: Adoptive parents may later agree that more visitations from the biological family or new siblings may be beneficial to their child’s well-being, as well as other changes. Lawyers can help legally rework the adoption paperwork to better fit a family’s new needs.

While open adoption can be a frustrating process, the potential reward is worth it. Having the assistance of an open adoption can help you through this process and the legal issues involved.

Contact an Attorney

Open adoptions can greatly benefit a child and are often the right choice for biological and adoptive parents. Unfortunately, open adoptions can also be long processes full of emotional ups and downs. If you are interested in open adoption or are experiencing issues with your open adoption, contact a caring and experienced open adoption attorney by calling Alexander & Associates at (972) 420-6560 today.