Decreasing Child Support

At the time of your divorce, your child support payments were likely made to accurately reflect both your own and your former partner’s financial circumstances at the time. However, as time passes and your circumstances – or those of your former partner – change, so too should your child support payments. While the well-being of your child or children is certainly the most important thing to you, your child support payments should not put you under undue financial hardship.

Why You Might Need to Decrease Child Support Payments

Depending upon a number of different factors, your child support payments should be accurately representative of the financial circumstances of your own and those of your former partner. With that in mind, it may become necessary to decrease your child support payment under any of the following circumstances:

  • Your child’s or children’s financial needs have decreased
  • Your former spouse has remarried
  • Your income has decreased
  • The initial child support payments were never feasible

Whatever your circumstances, our Lewisville legal team may be able to help you restructure your child support payments.

Consult with a Lewisville Family Lawyer

At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville child support lawyers understand how emotionally charged this process can be, both for you and your former partner. However, while child support payments are, first and foremost, intended to benefit your child or children, it should also accurately reflect your and your former spouse’s financial circumstances as they presently are. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our Lewisville family lawyers, please feel free to call our office at (972) 420-6560 today.