Different Types of Alimony Payments

Alimony refers to payments that are made from one spouse to another after divorce. These payments are meant to financially sustain a spouse who makes a great deal of money less than the other spouse or needs help maintaining their lifestyle. When alimony is needed, there are a variety of different types of alimony that can be established, depending on the financial circumstances of each spouse involved.

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3 Types of Alimony

There are three primary types of alimony, each one varying slightly from the others. Some last longer than others, and each one can be changed or enforced by a court of law if need be. The three primary types of alimony include:

  • Permanent Alimony
  • Temporary Alimony
  • Modifying Alimony

Permanent alimony is the rarest form of alimony, and even it may change ultimately over time, if circumstances demand such a change. Temporary alimony and modifying alimony are much more common, as they allow for fluctuations in peoples’ financial circumstances. These payments are often established early in divorce negotiations, and usually settle or end soon after a divorce is finalized.

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