Divorce and Health Insurance

For many spouses that rely on their partner for health insurance benefits, divorce can feel like an unapproachable subject when choosing between health and happiness. Fortunately, there are ways of continuing under your spouse’s health insurance plan even after a legal separation or divorce. The process of maintaining your healthcare coverage is a complex process and a skilled family law attorney can help walk you through the process. While the court does not have the legal authority to order a spouse to continue health insurance coverage over their divorced partner, you still may be able to maintain benefits through other means. These include through the COBRA program and court ordered payment for a new health insurance plan for an ex-spouse or children from the marriage. Consulting a divorce lawyer can help you better understand your options during this difficult time.

Health Insurance Coverage after Divorce

Understanding the power of the court to order a spouse to continue covering their ex-partner’s health insurance can be complicated. By speaking with an experienced divorce attorney, you can better understand the legal options surrounding the following subjects:

  • Payment of health insurance
  • Premium pricing of health insurance
  • Time frame in which a spouse can be dropped from an insurance plan
  • Your rights to continue health insurance
  • Health insurance is an important and necessary aid that you need in case of sickness of injury. Without health insurance, you may be susceptible to expensive medical bills and poor medical care. The attorneys at Alexander & Associates are prepared to fight for your right to healthcare for you and your family.

Contact a Lewisville Divorce Lawyer

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