Divorce and Social Media

Social media sites have seemingly taken over the internet, with millions of people using the various available sites, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Vine; unfortunately, this voracious use of social media can cause serious marital problems, even resulting in divorce in certain cases. In fact, according to certain divorce attorneys surveyed in 2012 by Divorce-Online UK, about 1/3 of divorces are related to social media.

At Alexander & Associates, we know that facing a divorce in Lewisville, regardless of the cause, can be difficult. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this process and can get the support that you need.

How Social Media Can Contribute to Divorce

In general, divorces caused through social media tend to have to do with rising discord in a marriage. Some social media-related behaviors that can lead to divorce can include:

  • Posting negative things about a spouse
  • Having an online extramarital affair
  • Lying about your marital status
  • Living a “double life” through social media
  • Embarrassing your spouse online

These behaviors can easily make a marriage more difficult, especially because social media is so public. Whatever the reason for your divorce, if social media was involved, you might be feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and ready to separate from your spouse permanently.

Get Help from a Divorce Attorney in Lewisville

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