Enforcing an Alimony Agreement

When you and your former partner arrived at your alimony agreement—regardless of the type of divorce—both of you entered into a legal agreement that may be enforceable under penalty of law. Now that your partner has decided not to honor the terms of your alimony agreement, it may be necessary to take legal action to enforce those terms.

Our Lewisville legal team understands just how much of your livelihood may be at stake for you and your family right now. As such, we may do everything we can to help you take all necessary legal action to enforce your alimony agreement.

We Can Help You Enforce Your Alimony Agreement

There is no reason that your former partner should be attempting to relieve him- or herself from the financial commitment outlined in your alimony agreement; however, our Lewisville legal team is prepared to help you through the following process if the terms of your agreement have been violated:

  • We will look over the exact terms of your alimony agreement
  • We will work with you to choose the best possible course of legal action
  • We will fight on your behalf to preserve your rights

Whatever your particular concerns happen to be, our legal team will be committed to helping you exercise you rights under the agreement you made with your former partner.

Consult with an Alimony Enforcement Attorney in Lewisville

If your former partner has not been honoring the terms of your alimony agreement, you should speak with a Lewisville alimony enforcement attorney at Alexander & Associates about taking legal action to enforce those terms. To speak with a family attorney in Lewisville, call our offices at (972) 420-6560 today.