Gaining Temporary Alimony

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally-charged experiences of a person’s life, particularly when one spouse depends upon the other for income. Typically, alimony payments are mandated to be paid over a specified period of time to the spouse who earns lower income as part of a divorce agreement. While alimony may be mandated even without the help of an attorney, an experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advise you of the best possible legal strategy and, thereby, provide you with more control over the outcome.

Why Temporary Alimony May be Mandated

Intended to help spouses adjust to his or her new financial situation, temporary alimony can be critical for some people. The most common justifications for awarding a spouse with temporary alimony include:

  • To provide income until he or she finds a job
  • To cover living expenses until a new home is secured
  • To help maintain a lifestyle until he or she establishes another
  • To help cover legal fees associated with the divorce

Our Lewisville legal team understands just how critical these funds can be, and we may be able to do everything we possibly can to protect you interests and rights.

Consult with a Lewisville Temporary Alimony Attorney

At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville temporary alimony attorneys understand just emotionally-charged a divorce can be. We have the experience and resources however, to get you through this process as quickly as possible. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our Lewisville temporary alimony attorneys, please call our Lewisville offices at (972) 420-6560 today.