How Child Custody is Determined

Couples with children who are getting divorced must always determine a child custody arrangement, in which it is stipulated who will retain physical and legal custody of the children. While these arrangements are determined by a number of factors, a court always prioritizes the best interests of the child.

Ensuring that your children are taken care of and provided for is a critical part of the divorce process. However, it can be difficult to understand the many nuances of child custody or to reach the agreement you feel is best. As such, many people to choose to enlist the support of a legal professional to help them put an arrangement in place that is best for all parties, but namely the children.

Making an Arrangement

Many different factors are considered when determining child custody arrangements. In addition to the general “best interests of the child,” which are considered the most important, some of the important factors of determining child custody arrangements / agreements include:

  • Educational needs of child
  • Medical / physical needs of child
  • Distances between homes of parents
  • Personal desires of the child
  • Respective incomes of each parent
  • Cause of the divorce

These factors, in addition to others, can all help determine the final child custody arrangement with which a divorcing couple must comply.

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