Important Questions to Ask an Attorney

Divorce is a complicated process that is unique to each person and couple. As such, you likely have a number of questions about the entire process, including how to find the best attorney and how that attorney will help you through your divorce negotiations. Although you may know a few questions that you want to ask, it can be hard to know exactly what to ask to find a lawyer for your divorce, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with the legal process.

Several Questions

When meeting a potential attorney for the first time, you might be overwhelmed with the many unknowns of the future and the confusing legal process ahead of you. However, you can ease into the process and feel more secure in your choice of an attorney by asking the following questions:

  • What do your services cost?
  • What if we don’t get the outcome we want?
  • Can you legally enforce the court’s decision?
  • Do I have to cite a “fault” to get a divorce?
  • How long do you think this will take? What could make it last longer?

Based on an attorney’s answers to these questions, you should be able to form an initial idea of whether or not that attorney is a good fit for your situation.

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Anyone going through a divorce deserves to have an attorney who best fits their needs and personality, and you can achieve this more easily when the right questions are asked initially. You can learn more about your own divorce and get any of your questions answered by calling (972) 420-6560. Our attorneys at Alexander & Associates are dedicated to answering any potential client’s questions honestly.