Positives and Negatives of Joint Custody

Joint custody is an arrangement that many divorcing parents seek. This is where parents share responsibility for their child(ren) although they will no longer be living together. In amicable situations, this arrangement is favorable. However, a child whose parents share custody can often experience the negative effects associated with this. Joint custody is not for all divorcing parents, and the laws pertaining to this issue can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, the Lewisville family attorneys at Alexander & Associates are well equipped to provide legal assistance to anyone interested in arranging a custody agreement.

Pros and Cons of Joint Custody

Physical, legal, and a combination of the two are the three forms of joint custody. Decisions made by the parents should be in the child’s best interest, however, agreeing on factors such as the child’s desires, safety, and education can be difficult.

Pros of joint custody include:

  • Both parents can keep contact
  • Both have an influence in their child’s life
  • Shared responsibility of the child

Cons of joint custody include:

  • Stress on the child from constantly switching houses
  • Disputes between the parents
  • Child is exposed to parental conflict

In favorable circumstances, parents have mutual ideas about what is in the child’s best interest. However, when ex-spouses disagree on these decisions, fueled arguments can arise.

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