Preparing for Divorce Arbitration With a Lawyer

Arbitration, as differentiated from mediation, is a more formal method of pursuing divorce where a couple utilizes the services of a neutral, court-appointed arbitrator to make legally binding decisions regarding every aspect of their divorce agreement. As the arbitrator’s decision will be final, it is critical that each partner is well prepared before ever entering into the arbitration process.

What to Expect in Divorce Arbitration

Before ever entering into the actual arbitration, it is critical that each partner plan and construct arguments that fully articulate their own particular position in a dispute. As such, experienced legal representation may be critical to helping you articulate your position in a way the arbitrator is most likely to seriously consider. It would beneficial for an attorney to advise you on the following aspects of your divorce:

  • The actual articulation of your position in any dispute
  • The arguments your partner may level against you
  • The likely outcome of your divorce arbitration

Since an arbitrator’s final decision cannot be appealed and is legally enforceable, it is critical that you go into the process as prepared as possible. One of our experienced Lewisville family lawyers can help you do just that.

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