Rehabilitative Alimony

It is most common for a judge to award alimony when one spouse has been financially dependent on the other spouse in a long-lasting marriage. In Texas, alimony is usually only rewarded if the marriage has lasted at least ten years prior to divorce. The alimony that the spouse may receive is rehabilitative alimony, not permanent alimony. In this case, alimony is paid through fixed amounts for a specified amount of time after a divorce.

When Your Spouse No Longer Supports You Financially

Learning how to support yourself after a marriage in which your spouse earned the primary source of income can be a struggle. If permanent alimony is not awarded to you, or you are nearing the end of your rehabilitative alimony with no other form of revenue, there are certain actions you can take to get on your feet financially. Some tips are:

  • Use your network to alert others of your intent to find a job
  • Consider part-time work to start off
  • Become active in a professional organization
  • Enhance or develop relevant skills

The interim arrangement is designed to allow the spouse, whose lifestyle was once financially dependent on their partner, to adapt to a life of financial independence. This may include going back to school, or simply the transitional period before full-time occupation.

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