Taking Action Against Child Abuse

Sadly, child abuse is more common than we would like to think. More than one million children are abused in the United States every year. Unfortunately, these are only the situations that are recorded—many cases go unnoticed and without repercussion. Child abuse occurs when a parent or other adult intentionally causes physical, sexual or emotional damage to a child. Tragically, child abuse usually occurs within the home, making it difficult for the child to speak up about the issue. This is why it is critical for individuals in a child’s life to keep an eye out for any potential signs of child abuse and take subsequent action if you believe it is occurring.

How To Take Action Against Child Abuse

If you have become aware of the physical and emotional signs that may indicate the abuse of a child, it is time to take action for the child’s protection. Some ways to take action are:

  • Speak with a professional counselor
  • Request a social worker home visitation
  • Temporarily remove the child from harm’s way while you seek assistance
  • Contact Child Protective Services

One of these steps should be immediately taken for the safety of a child you believe may be suffering from child abuse. Additionally, contact a family law attorney to help provide legal protection for the child.

Contact The Lewisville Family Law Attorneys

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