Types of Restraining Orders

Millions of Americans are victims of domestic abuse, and all too often they suffered at the hands of people they were in an intimate relationship with or family members. Overcoming emotional or physical abuse in order to seek help can be a very difficult process for these victims who feel a sense of love and obligation to their abusers. However, separating from the aggressor can be made easier with the implementation of a restraining order. Restraining orders provide victims with the protection they need by forbidding any contact from the abuser as well as providing several other court ordered safety measures.

Kinds of Restraining Orders that may be Right for You

Domestic violence can leave victims feeling defenseless and suffering from constant fear-related anxiety. Victims who attempt to put a stop to their abuse may find it very difficult to do so without the help of court ordered protection. Restraining orders can offer individuals the relief they need to go on with their lives and fully separate themselves from their abuser. There are a number of different restraining orders that are appropriate under different circumstances and situations. Types of restraining orders include:

  • Emergency Protective Orders
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Criminal Protective Orders

While it is important for victims to understand that the types of restraining orders are designed to provide options for different situations, determining which type will best suit individual needs and following the legal process to obtain that restraining order may prove complex for anyone who is unfamiliar with the legal system. Fortunately, there are experienced and caring attorneys ready to help you take the necessary steps to creating a safe environment for yourself.

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