Understanding Collaborative Divorce

Going through a divorce is an unsettling and difficult experience for nearly all individuals who ever have to become involved in one. Aside from the emotional stress, the legal battles involved can add even more turmoil to an already difficult situation. Due to the lengthy court proceedings associated with traditional contested and uncontested divorce, many couples are opting for collaborative divorces. In this form of divorce, couples forgo court rooms and agree on property division and other factors in private with their own collaborative divorce attorneys.

Main Features of Collaborative Divorces

Since couples can save on not only court expenses, but reach agreements in ways that can be more civil, it can be beneficial to better understand a collaborative divorce. The process of a collaborative divorce involves the following:

  • Each spouse is represented by a specialized collaborative attorney
  • Spouses and their lawyers participate in meetings together in which their lawyers advise them on how to divide property, child support, and child custody
  • Couples sign a “no-court agreement”: This agreement states that you will settle the case together. If the couple cannot come to an agreement on certain issues, the lawyers will leave the case before it goes to court.
  • Other collaborative specialists may be involved such as child support and custody specialists

Collaborative divorce can be a more viable option for couples who already agree on most issues and are looking for a more amicable proceeding. Although it can be better for many couples, it can still be a complicated process, making the help of an attorney necessary.

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