Unintentional Bigamy

Bigamy is the act of marrying while already married to another spouse. In the U.S., this act has been virtually unheard of since the nineteenth century, but it still occurs, usually when individuals get married and are unaware of a remaining valid marriage to another. As such, bigamy is mostly accidental, but in some rare cases an individual is aware of their marital status and knowingly enters another marriage while their other spouse is still alive. Knowingly committing bigamy is considered a crime.

Although bigamy is a crime, it rarely becomes an issue in law unless an individual performs such an act in order to retrieve valuable property from another. Moreover, marriages in foreign countries are still valid in the US, thus preventing individuals from getting married twice. But, in the more likely case that an individual truly believed their marriage was settled in divorce or it was invalid according to the law, it would be highly unlikely that they would be charged with bigamy.

Common Reasons Behind Unintentional Bigamy

  • Divorce papers for the previous marriage were not finalized.
  • An individual believes their spouse is dead.
  • A married individual lives with someone else under the appearance of being married.

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