What Does Child Support Cover?

Paying or receiving child support is a critical aspect of any divorce agreement for an ex-couple who had children. When working out a child support agreement, many people wonder exactly what these payments are meant to cover. Realistically, these payments are geared towards alleviating the costs of raising a child. Thus, because the needs of every child are different depending on their unique circumstances, the expenses that this support covers will vary.

Expenses Covered by Child Support

Child support payments are meant to cover the expenses that a parent has when raising a child. As such, these payments can be used to address a number of costs, including, but not limited to:

  • School or education needs
  • Medical and dental needs
  • Everyday living costs (food, clothing, and shelter)
  • Transportation
  • Caretaker costs, such as daycare, babysitting, or a nanny

All of these and other expenses are likely to be costs that a parent primarily responsible for caring for a child will face. Thus, receiving child support that will help cover many of these expenses after a divorce is critical, both to a parent’s finances and a child’s wellbeing.

Speak with a Child Support Attorney in Lewisville

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