What is Sole Custody?

When two parents divorce, the custody of the children is often the most debated decision. As it tends to be easier on the child, joint custody is usually awarded whenever possible, allowing both parents to have a large role in the child’s life. However, in certain circumstances, one of the parents may be deemed by the judge to be unfit to raise a child. In this situation, sole custody is awarded to one parent. A parent with sole custody will be the only parent to make decisions for the child about issues like education and religion, and the child or children will live only with the parent with custody. Visitation rights for the other parent will vary based on the particular situation.

Determining a Parent to be Unfit

Before sole custody can be awarded, one parent must be deemed unfit. Although a judge will examine a wide assortment of issues to make this decision, these are three issues a judge will take into particular consideration:

  • A history or drug or alcohol dependency
  • Previous child abuse or neglect charges
  • A new partner who is unfit
  • The welfare of the child or children involved is always the top priority when determining any custody arrangement.

Sole custody can be difficult for those involved, but it is meant to protect the wellbeing of the children.

Consult with a Lewisville Child Custody Lawyer

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