Enforcing Custody and Visitation Agreements

Establishing a child custody or visitation agreement is part of every divorce process in which children are involved. Such agreements establish all regulations for each parent’s custody or visitation rights regarding their children. While most parents honor these agreements, there are many others who fail to properly uphold their part of the agreement, compromising the integrity of the agreement and potentially even placing a child or children in a precarious position.

When this happens, the other partner or concerned parties are not without options. By taking legal action, a person can seek to have a custody or visitation agreement enforced, which makes the person violating the agreement adhere to their initial responsibilities.

Benefits of Enforcement

Enforcement of child custody and visitation agreements can provide immense relief for the other parent or person responsible for the child’s care. It can:

  • Protect from unexpected visits
  • Regulate your schedule and that of your child
  • Establish continuity in visitations
  • Provide protection for your space and time
  • Give you legal support when you need it

Getting legal help to enforce a custody or visitation agreement may be necessary in certain situations. Fortunately, when an ex-spouse fails to honor a custody or visitation agreement, you do not have to tolerate this behavior.

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