Enforcing Support Agreements

Child support agreements are created in almost every divorce involving children in an effort to ensure that the children are well provided for in terms of their financial needs. These payments are often set at a specific amount, typically paid monthly to the spouse who retains physical custody of the children. Because these payments are meant to help cover the expenses necessary to properly care for the children involved, it is essential that they are made in a regular, timely manner. If, however, an ex-spouse refuses to pay child support, you might be able to take legal action to secure these much-needed funds.

The Importance of Child Support

Those who receive child support payments often depend greatly on these payments to cover the expenses associated with raising a child. They are meant to cover a variety of costs, including the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Educational / schooling costs
  • Extracurricular activity costs
  • Basic living expenses, such as food and clothing

Fortunately, because child support agreements are legally binding documents, the receiving parent is allowed to take legal action against the paying spouse if the latter fails to provide the whole of these funds when they are due. This ensures that your child continues to receive the care he or she deserves.

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Adherence to child support agreements is crucial as it allows for financial security for you and your children after a divorce. If your ex-spouse is perpetually late on payments or is not paying the full amount you are owed, you might need legal help in enforcing your child support arrangement. Contact the experienced attorneys of Alexander & Associates today by calling (972) 420-6560 to discuss how we may be able to help you secure the payments you need.