Modifications to Support Agreements

During any divorce involving a marriage that produced children, it is likely that some kind of child support agreement will be arranged, in order to meet the educational, physical, emotional, and medical needs of the children. In such an agreement, parents will establish who will pay child support to whom and how much this support will be. While this agreement is legally binding, it can also change as time passes for a number of different reasons, including the changing needs of the children.

Two Main Types of Support Modifications

Even when an initial child support agreement is established, this agreement can, and likely will, be modified as time passes. Often, these modifications are the result of changes in financial circumstances for one or both parents involved or the needs of the children. There are two primary types of modifications to child support that can be made, which are:

Within these two modification possibilities, individual circumstances may vary greatly, and it’s critical that one understands how a child support agreement might fluctuate over time.

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