Lewisville Decreasing Child Support Attorney

Many divorces result in creating child support agreements, in which one spouse agrees to pay the other a certain amount of money regularly, providing for the needs of any children of their previous marriage. Although the amount that is to be paid will be determined in the initial divorce proceedings, certain circumstances months or years later may demand that this amount be decreased. In fact, there are many reasons for decreasing child support.

Reasons for Decreasing Child Support Payments

The amount of child support payments is dependent on a number of factors, such as a person’s income and the needs of the child. As such, many changing circumstances may necessitate decreased payments, including:

  • The financial needs of the child are less
  • The receiving spouse decides to remarry
  • The paying spouse loses income / is unable to pay support
  • The initial amount of support is deemed excessive

When decreasing child support payments, whether for these or other reasons, getting approval can be difficult, especially if your ex-spouse is not amenable. Additionally, an ex-spouse may seek to unfairly decrease child support payments, necessitating legal action to fight this decrease.

Learn More about Decreasing Child Support in Lewisville

When raising a child, being financially stable is critical. As such, when you are making payments that are excessive or are facing an ex-spouse who is trying to decrease payments that are necessary to your child’s well-being and care, seeking legal help can be essential. In order to address decreasing child support issues in Lewisville, speak with our attorneys of Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560. We work diligently to get our clients the child support payments they need.