Increasing Child Support

Determining child support is an issue that any divorcing couple who has children must face. Although not all situations demand that one parent make child support payments to the other parent, it is very common for one parent who makes more money or does not have custody over a child to make financial payments to the other spouse, providing additional financial support to meet the needs of the child. While the amount of child support will be established during initial divorce negotiations, this amount can change over time if one parent feels there is a need for increased payments.

Reasons for Increase

Child support payments might be legally increased in certain circumstances. For instance, the following might be reasons that child support payments increase:

  • The needs of the child increase significantly
  • Increased (often sudden) cost of healthcare
  • Paying spouse’s increased income
  • Receiving spouse’s loss of or decreased income

These circumstances might dictate that an increase of child support is necessary, and a court might alter your agreement as a result. As a new agreement is legally binding and each spouse has to adhere to the specifications mandated by the court, it is important that the child support payments you either make or receive are reflective of your situation and needs.

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