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Often, the process of divorce is stressful and overwhelming for all parties involved. Ending a valued partnership presents plenty of emotional and logistical challenges like asset division, child support, spousal support, and custody matters. 

Sometimes the traditional forms of divorce are not right for your situation. Mediation is a popular alternative to the contested or uncontested divorce processes. If you and your partner have a decent working relationship, a mediated divorce may be a good option for you. With the help of a mediator and your lawyers, you and your spouse can come to agreements on complicated issues without going to court. In-court divorces tend to be expensive and take much longer.

In a mediated divorce, you and your spouse work with a mediator, who converses with both of you and works to help you reach compromises. Many people find the mediation process less stressful than contested divorces, and more representative of their needs than an uncontested one. Divorce can be challenging to face, but mediation might make the entire process much more manageable. To learn more about divorce mediation, contact the qualified Lewisville mediated divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560.

Why Do I Need a Mediated Divorce Attorney?

While it is not always necessary to have an attorney during mediation, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer. During negotiations, one person may underestimate the strength of their legal position. On the other hand, if you drive too hard of a bargain, it may cause the other spouse to walk away from negotiations altogether. 

An experienced divorce attorney can assist you with mediation in several ways by explaining the rules, norms, and standard procedures involved in mediated divorces.  Your attorney can also refer you to the right mediator. An attorney will also help with administrative tasks such as evaluating potential settlements, reviewing settlement offers, and helping you file the necessary paperwork. Hiring lawyer will help you reach an amicable resolution more effectively.

Why Hire Alexander & Associates?

At Alexander & Associates, we have almost 20 years of experience dealing with family and divorce matters. Going through a divorce commonly causes emotional and financial strain for both spouses. Our lawyers have a vast amount of experience dealing with issues regarding custody, visitation, and property division during a divorce.  

We provide our clients with strong support through a highly emotional, and often tumultuous period of their lives. Our attorneys offer compassionate legal advice while working on your behalf and protecting your interests during this difficult time.

If you are thinking about mediation, you need to consult with experienced attorneys who can offer you the support you need. Our skilled lawyers will advise you about your options as well as provide valuable insights to ensure the process runs smoothly, from beginning to end.

Benefits of Mediated Divorce

There are several benefits to getting a mediated divorce, as opposed to a contested or an uncontested divorce. Some of these benefits include:

  • Making sure both your interests are represented fairly
  • Having an objective mediator work through your case fairly
  • Creation of potential solutions/agreements for you to review
  • Less violence/arguments than in most contested divorces

These benefits have convinced many divorcing couples that a mediated divorce is the best option for them. Another benefit is that mediation is strictly confidential.  Even if the case ultimately goes to trial, anything discussed during mediation sessions cannot be used as evidence against either spouse. The process of mediation allows both spouses to speak frankly and honestly about their issues without fear of retribution in court.

For couples looking to keep costs low, a mediated divorce helps couples avoid huge attorney bills and a lengthy trial process. Mediation may help your legal fees because it reduces the number of billable hours lawyers spend working on your case. Courts often encourage couples to attend mediation as a means of working out disagreements and settling their differences amicably and reasonably.  

Divorce Mediation FAQs

We know that if you’re considering divorce mediation, you have plenty of questions. Read over some frequently asked questions and get in touch with a member of our team today (972) 420-6560 to learn how a lawyer can help you. 

What Does A Mediator Do?

A mediator is a neutral party that is trained to help couples handle their issues. A mediator’s duties may include: facilitating communication between parties, having spouses clarify their positions, providing information about the legal process, and identifying alternatives for solving any outstanding issues. 

How Does the Mediation Process Work?

The process of mediation often consists of the mediator meeting with both spouses for a few sessions, which are usually one to two hours in length. During the first meeting, the mediator typically identifies issues that need to be discussed. Based on the subjects under review, a mediator will decide what information to gather, such as financial statements, appraisals, issues regarding assets, and property. 

Other meetings may include further discussions of these matters and how each person may need to compromise on specific points to reach an agreement. Near the end, the mediator will provide information regarding the court system and help draft a contract for each party’s attorney to review. If the mediator is also a lawyer, they may also help handle paperwork, prepare the divorce agreement,  and collect papers that need to file with the court.

Do I Need to Appear in Court?

Usually not. When you and your spouse choose to settle your issues through mediation, court appearances are not typically necessary.

How Long Does the Mediation Process Take?

The mediation timeline depends on the issues under review and the willingness and flexibility of both parties during negotiation. Every situation is different, but on average, it usually takes at least 3 or 4 mediation sessions that are spread out over a couple of months. If the case is more complex, it can take up four to six months for the entire process.

Am I a Good Candidate for Mediation?

To have a successful mediation, both parties must communicate effectively to resolve outstanding issues. If there is physical, emotional, or mental abuse that has occurred in a relationship, it will restrict communication and prevents the possibility of reaching an amicable agreement. Good candidates for mediation tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Both spouses want to work together to resolve their dispute
  • Both parties wish to be on good terms after reaching a resolution
  • Both individuals realize that compromise will be an essential component in coming to decisions
  • Both spouses want to keep the cost of the process low

Our attorneys will help eliminate stress throughout divorce proceedings. We provide an environment in which you will be able to resolve your differences with the other party. Our divorce lawyers are proficient in mediation techniques and have successfully represented clients throughout the state of Texas.

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If you or someone that you care about are considering mediated divorce as an option, contact one of the experienced Lewisville mediated divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560. Our lawyers understand that as you decide to end your marriage, you confront a great deal of stress and confusion. Our team is here to answer your questions and offer you some peace of mind throughout this difficult time. We are happy to further explain mediation and help you understand how this may be the best way to ensure your rights and interests are protected.