Lewisville Domestic Assault and Battery Attorneys

Domestic violence affects hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of people every year, from men and women to young children. This violence can come at the hands of significant others, parents, siblings, children, and more, potentially leaving innocent individuals with both physical and emotional trauma. One of the most common types of domestic violence is domestic assault and battery.

Although it can seem impossible to stand up for yourself in a domestic abuse situation, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from domestic assault and battery. The compassionate attorneys of Alexander & Associates can help Lewisville residents take the legal action they need to escape dangerous, abusive situations at home.

What is Domestic Assault and Battery?

Domestic assault and battery are two examples of the violence that many people face at home. However, while many assume that “assault” and “battery” are interchangeable, these terms are very different in legal jargon. Battery involves actual physical injury or violence, while assault is simply the threat of violence or injury. While it battery is obviously a form of domestic abuse, assault is also abusive due to the psychological and emotional trauma associated with frequent threats of violence.

Fortunately, domestic assault and battery victims can protect themselves in several different ways, such as getting a divorce or legal separation from an abusive individual or taking out a restraining order to prevent contact.

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