Lewisville Child Abuse Attorneys

Being in an abusive relationship is frightening, especially if that abuse extends to your children. While most parents care deeply for their children, some parents subject a child in their home to child abuse. Tragically, child abuse occurs with far greater regularity than many people believe, causing innocent children to suffer serious trauma and harm.

At Alexander & Associates, we understand that seeking to end child abuse can be extremely difficult, as the abuser is often in a position of power or has issued threats. Fortunately, though, people in Lewisville looking to put an end to child abuse have several legal avenues available to them.

Forms of Child Abuse

While no one wants to believe that child abuse occurs, many innocent children are affected by this traumatic abuse every day. It can take many different forms, from physical to emotional, each of which can be extremely detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a child. For instance, some forms of child abuse include:

  • Physical abuse like hitting or kicking
  • Physical abuse involving sexual contact or assault
  • Emotional abuse like screaming or verbal abuse
  • Psychological abuse like exposing a child to unsafe or traumatic circumstances

Sadly, not only can these and other forms of child abuse cause significant damage to a child, but many children are also unable to end the abuse on their own. Fortunately, restraining orders against the abuser can be filed, providing protection for a child.

Get Help from a Child Abuse Attorney in Lewisville

If your spouse or significant other is abusing a child in your household, our lawyers at Alexander & Associates, can help you get the legal protection necessary to put an end to this abuse. Call (972) 420-6560 to talk with an understanding member of our team and get the help you deserve in this situation.