Lewisville Spousal Abuse Attorneys

People generally enter marriages thinking that these relationships will bring them joy, but sometimes this vision of love and happiness does not prove true. In some cases, terrible situations involving spousal abuse make marriages emotionally or even physically painful, potentially threatening the psychological and bodily health of victims.

Although spousal abuse can make a victim feel helpless and alone, there is hope. Victims of domestic abuse in the Lewisville area can turn to the reliable, compassionate attorneys of Alexander & Associates, who can help spousal abuse victims combat domestic violence through divorce and restraining orders.

Types of Spousal Abuse

Innocent people suffer from abusive relationships every day, yet many of these people are unaware or unsure if their mistreatment is considered “abuse.” Spousal abuse might involve any of the following:

  • Physical abuse like hitting, kicking, shoving, or restraining the victim
  • Psychological abuse including forced isolation and false accusations
  • Financial abuse, or tightly controlling the victim’s finances to restrict his or her independence
  • Verbal abuse, like yelling at or threatening the victim
  • Sexual abuse or spousal rape

All of these forms of abuse could be grounds not only for divorce, but also for the abused individual to file a restraining order against the abusive spouse. This order can protect your safety both during and after a divorce.

Contact a Spousal Abuse Lawyer in Lewisville

Escaping an abusive situation can be difficult, but an experienced spousal abuse attorney from Alexander & Associates can help you reach safety. Contact us at (972) 420-6560 to learn more about how we can help you fight spousal abuse with a restraining order and divorce.