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Restraining orders are used to provide protection to a person who is being threatened with or subjected to violence of some kind. Unfortunately, many people are subject to such violence at the hands of those whom they should most be able to trust – family members and loved ones. The Texas Attorney General’s Office defines domestic violence as “any act by one member of a family or household intended to physically harm another member, a serious threat of physical harm, or the abuse of a child.”

When a person is suffering through domestic abuse, putting an end to it can be difficult, for a number of reasons; however, it is often the proximity of the abuser and their relationship with the abused person which makes it so difficult. As such, obtaining a restraining order, which will force the abuser to keep their distance, both physically and through other avenues, such as phone calls, is often the most beneficial and effective way to put an end to domestic violence.

Protections of a Restraining Order

As restraining orders are meant to protect those who are being harmed by another person, they can offer a number of benefits to those who are protected by them, including:

  • Ordered cessation of any family violence
  • Prevention of harassment
  • Prevention of threats toward victim
  • Ordered cessation of any communication between perpetrator and victim
  • Protection for children, even while at school

All of these benefits have helped many victims of family or domestic violence achieve separation from their abuser and put an end to the damaging abuse.

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