Modifications to Child Custody, Visitation, and Support

The Lewisville child custody modification lawyers at Alexander & Associates realize that, as with every other part of life, your family and personal circumstances do not stay the same forever. While this may not have an effect on all parts of your life, it can have a significant effect when children from a past marriage or relationship are involved. Should you be facing lifestyle changes that require modifications to child custody, visitation, and support, or your previous partner is facing such changes, an official change to any of these legal documents may be necessary to ensure that your child’s interests are still being protected.

Whether you need to modify a previous legal document regarding your responsibilities and rights for your child or you are facing action from a previous partner regarding child responsibilities, you deserve to have a legal professional supporting you. At Alexander & Associates, our Lewisville child custody modification lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients fight for the outcomes they want when it comes to such important matters. Call us at (972) 420-6560 to discuss what we may be able to do for you and your family.

Modifications You May Need

When raising a child separate from their other parent, there are usually a number of legal documents in place. As such, when facing lifestyle changes, the following may need to be made:

These types of modifications can often involve complex legal matters or require in-depth legal knowledge. Thus, having the assistance of a qualified legal professional can be invaluable in achieving the outcome you desire.

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Making sure your child’s best interests are being met and that you are not being overextended in an unfair way are our top priorities. Thus, when you need to make a modification to a child custody, visitation, or support document or are facing such action from your child’s other parent, our Lewisville child support modification attorneys are prepared to help. Contact us at (972) 420-6560 to see what legal options are available to you and receive the guidance of an experienced attorney.